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Revival of Local Food Farming & Sustainability at the Edge of Appalachia

Bourbon + Chestnuts = YUM!

Bourbon-bourre marron glace. Available Nov. 15th in our Store!

We combine the best traditions of Kentucky and France.  We marry the freshest chestnuts with Kentucky bourbon, hand-made cane sugar syrup, and real vanilla.  Smooth and creamy, sweet and robust.  Your taste buds will thank you for the bourbon-soaked candied chestnuts.  Your soul with thank you for the love without the "Kentucky Hug".  A box of six makes a great gift!  Will keep refrigerated for at least 3 months.


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Family farm since 1913.

Here's a picture of my mother at age 9, circa 1935, standing on the old footbridge with her cousin.

We're growers of Chinese chestnuts, cut flowers, and wildcrafted pawpaw, mushrooms, and spicebush.  As a licensed food manufacturer in Kentucky, we sell fresh and value-added products wholesale and retail.  Visit our online store for details.

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Fresh chestnuts + bourbon-infused candied chestnuts.

For your health and enjoyment, we offer the freshest, highest quality chestnuts and chestnut products from our farm.  


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Kentucky wild-crafted pawpaw fruit - it's the Appalachian mango!

North America's largest native fruit.  Very perishable so we sell highest-quality frozen pulp.

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We're at the leading edge of agroforestry and the revival of local produce grown on family farms in Bracken County, Ky.  We specialize in value-added processing and offer bourbon-enhanced products.

New Rhineland Farm

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